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08 March 2011 @ 12:58 am
Kaki King— Guitar Warrior Princess— in Berkeley last Saturday! So excellent.

I waited in line, outside, in the rain, unsure I'd be let in, next to the garbage, for long enough to draw this:

Totally worth it. The youtube link above cuts off just as it's getting good, but if you want an approximation of the experience, this might work.

Opening act Megan Washington, appearing here with random audience member:

I keep forgetting her name is pronounced "cackey" rather than "kah-key". This is a problem with discovering artists soley via the printed word.
Collected selection of sketches collaged:

And, yeah. Like I said. So excellent.

Also, I feel obliged to inform that the previously recommended Journey 'Round My Skull tumblr has relocated to 50 Watts. I do not necessarily approve of these name-shifting shenanigans, but don't lose sight of that site, now.
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